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About Me

Okay here's a little page about the authors and such...


I was born February 21, 1985 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. I'm 21 years old and am a very ambitious guy. I like Anime, comics, drawing, writing, Warhammer 40K, music(making, playing, listening to), and a bunch of other stuff that doesn't suck. I love Movies. There's nothing I love better than going to the theatre. I'm always counting down the days to the next big movie (TRANSFORMERS!!). So yeah I'm just an ordinary guy. I'm a little shy around women, but who isn't?
Well I got into Anime at about grade eight. I was about 13 or 14 at the time. It started off when my older brother borrowed a tape of Urusei Yatsura from his friend and showed us. It was the first anime that I'd ever seen and I was hooked instantly. By the time I'd gotten to grade nine(high school) I was an anime fanatic and had watched tons of anime like Slayers, Those who hunt Elves, and Akira, and was soon introduced to another of Rumiko Takahashi's works, Ranma 1/2. I was an overnight addict with this series and was soon introduced to fanfiction. One of the first authors I had the pleasure of reading was Animeaddiction and I'd read all of his early works(before he had so many that he couldn't update regularly anymore). I moved on to larger fics and epics like Nabiki: New Horizons, and A Twisted Path which are still some of my favourite.
After a lot of reading and some bad original ideas and half completed but ultimately trashed fics, I'd decided to start a couple crossover fics of my own and make a quick website that I could display these fics to the public. I used the tripod site and used the same template that Animeaddiction's original site used to be. At first I had all the time in the world to write fics and I wrote them starting off with The Saotome Blade, then Astral Minds, then Adamantium Rage, then Dragon's Bond and Self Insertion with my best friend Evan, much later I started my own self insertion Heavenly Intervention. Now I'm actually thinking of doing a few non-Ranma fics. Just for a change.
I've also put all of my fics onto and have been lately been waiting on a friend of mine to finish a new webiste for me that will be a little more interesting to look at than this Tripod site.
I took a bit of a sabatical to go to college at one point, then worked for a year, and now I'm back in college taking Media Arts at Sheridan. I'm going to try to put a little bit of time each week towards writing this time though. Hopefully with all my writing classes I'll be able to improve my stories new and old. I look forward to it.


I was born, like most people. I used to live in a small menonite town by the name of Elmira Ontario. The town consisted of my family and about 1000 other people, a McDonalds, and a Mac's Milk. There were also various schools, stores and trees but they aren't important. Anyway, I enjoy listening to music and ignoring people. I play multiple Collectable Card Games, the foremost being Magic the Gathering, and Yu Gi Oh. Some of my hobbies are Roleplaying (both sexually and pen and paper), writing humorous stories, attempting to write serious stories, reading comics (Favorite is currently Runaways by Marvel) watching shit loads of movies ,my ultimate favorite movie is Starship Troopers , watching anime (Fruits Basket kicks ass!!) and drawing lotsa stuff. I am currently in possession of a PS1 which provides my gaming life and I have recently picked up an X-box (and like 8 games 3 of which I've beaten, 2 if you don't count Fable cause it's short), my favorite games are FF anything and Parasite Eve and now Morrowind. I also enjoy using brakets ()((())()))()) and commas,,,,,,,(),,,),,(. For living things I spend my time with I have two dogs, two cats and occasionally a bunch of bunnies (We kill them for meat... mmm bunny) I don't generally eat bunnies ever since I put popcicles in the same freezer as the bunnies and the popcicles took on bunny flavor with a hint of grape. Umm... I love grape popcicles... and fruit punch.... I drink more than I should. By drink I mean beer, Alexander Keiths is my brand of choice... If I feel sophisticated I enjoy a good scotch but prefer Rum. I generally have a good hand at getting girlfriends, but I don't know why... I'm overly cocky with my looks and act like an ass whenever I can... which is most of the time (I have to sleep right?... acctually that's a lie, I've got slight insomnia nowadays). So yeah that covers that.. and I have one brother a sister and a mommy and daddy.
Momo got me into fan fiction all those years ago in grade 10... shortly after reading his stuff for inspiration I wrote the _worst_ fic I have ever written...But I was a beginner right?... oh well... I've picked up some tips from authors like Clive Barker and the Austrailian woman who wrote Wayfairer's Redemption which is my absolute favorite book series. It is absolutly captivating. Anyway... I read just about anything I get in my e-mail or find on, I love reading bad stories, they make me feel better about myself. The only story I've stuck with for long is Self Insertion, a classical master piece if I ever read one. Umm... I acctually enjoy Shakespeare, alot of his stuff is incredible.. and immensly humorous. So that covers that... one more thing to go.
All my stuff can be found on or here at I can't remember my own website url so um... you might be able to find stuff there.... I wirte stories with Morden, A horrible writer name Josh Devan... you know... the annoying guy on the message board.. and Ian Rawlings, an excellent writer from Austrailia.
I am now in college full swing, I've not been writing as much as I should and I had and lost a web blog in the time it takes a fat man to sneeze. So yeah I'm in Parks and Outdoor recreation right now, and it's a good course. Lots of people like me and lots of bars.

This is me Morden Night(Josh VanHalteren)Photo taken by JD.

Sex: Male
Name: Josh VanHalteren
Net Alias: Morden Night
Eyes: Greenish.
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: About 6 foot 2 inches
Employed: Nay
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Hetero

This is Agasaki Ishano (Evan McNeely)

Sex: Male
Name: Evan McNeely
Net Alias: Agasaki Ishano
Eyes: Brownish
Hair: Black
Weight: 180 lbs
Height: 6'1"
Employed: nope
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: So not Gay