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This is where I keep all of my worthwhile Ideas, these are fics that I may or may not write, more likely than not though. Some of the "Ideas" that I post here are also planned future projects. Those ones are put here as teasers for those who like my fics.

The Big Hook-Up - Ranma, Continuation: Ranma goes away for a solo training trip and when he gets back everyone is acting the same as usual, except it all seems so forced now. Turns out that almost everyone that he knew has hooked up with someone, is there anyone left for him? (One of those fics where you just never know who's going to end up with who. Definitely doing this one.)

ExposedRanma, Continuation: Ranma and Akane have been married for 10 long years now and have had 3 beautiful children of their own and many more adventures since Phoenix Mountain. Now that their life has calmed down some they have started to collect some of the crazy magical items from their adventures, including the curse locking ladle, and just recently the Curse unlocking Kettle, but why does Akane look so nervous around the kettle? (Kind of a dark fic. I like the idea, might do it time permitting.)

Ranma Saotomes Secret Apprentice - Ranma, Continuation: Ranma's teaching someone martial arts secretly. Who is it? Did Kasumi just steal food off of Ranmas plate? Nah it was too fast, must have been imagining it.. (Another random thought, partially sparked by Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Could be good.)

Fatty Fatty Fat fat - Ranma, Continuation: Ranma has come to the realization that all the crazy and dangerous things that have been plaguing him and his friends is because of him. After Akanes almost dying at Jusendo Ranma decides that he can no longer risk being second best to anyone or anything and goes on a long journey on his own with barely a word to the others. After 5 years Ranma returns only to find out that his multiple fiances have REALLY let themselves go, in more ways than one. (Just a random thought that came into my head. May pursue this. Would definitely be a comedy though. Mini series I think.)

Moving OnRanma, Continuation: Ranma is a person of habit, he's very used to his new life with the Tendos, multiple fiances, love interests, rivals, fights, there's always something interesting happening. But when Ranma and the rest graduate from Furinkan, things inevitably have to change and people are going to have to grow up.  (Just a random thought that came into my head. may pursue this. We'll see how things go.)

When You Wish Upon A Tea Pot - Ranma: Akane gets a dirty old tea pot from Ranma for her birthday that he picked up at a yard sale. after wiping it off to try and at least clean it up a bit a genie comes out and grants Akane three wishes. After wasting the first two wishes, Akane then accidentally uses up the third one which switches hers and Ranmas bodies. this is my take on the whole bodyswitch/Akane gets a wish idea, but I'm trying to get it as in character as possible.  (Looking forward to this one, I love body switch fics, but most of them are crapily written, might start soon.)

I Thought I Was Just Getting Fat. - Ranma: My take on the whole Ranma getting pregnant idea, basically Ranma gets pregnant, but doesn't even realize it until it's practically time for the baby to come out. (Got it all planned out. Just gotta write it)

The Cute Fiance - Ranma/Oh My Goddess: Ranma gets married to Akane, but after the wedding everything just gets worse, Akane gets lessons from Ranma but just uses the skills to inflict more damage on Ranma when she beats him, and when she beats the kids. Ranma doesn't know how to handle it and is driven into the love of another woman, Ukyo, who has been holding out for Ranma all this time, even after he'd already been married to someone else. Akane finds out about the affair though and, in a fit of jealous rage, beats Ranma to death in Ukyos bedroom. After killing Akane, Ukyou receives a wish from the Goddess Relief Center via Urd, she wishes for a second chance with Ranma.  (Quite possibly the most anti-Akane fic I've ever come up with, this one has me really excited, I'll be getting to work on this one soon.)

WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?! - Ranma: [short fic] Ranma and Akane get married and have two kids, twins... but something went horribly horribly wrong. (Minor planning done for this one, might write it soon for a chuckle.)

Ranma 1/2 Two: Deja Vu - Ranma: Ranma marries Akane, Ukyo marries Pantyhose, Ryoga marries Akari, Mousse marries Kasumi, Shampoo marries Konatsu, now that everyone is happily married, it's up to the children to continue the chaos, thanks to Ranma engaging both his daughters to Ukyo's and Ryoga's sons. They never learn... and what's Akane's terrible secret? How come all the other cursed parents kids inherited the curses and not Ranmas? Which couple's kids are the strongest martial artist in their generation? Tune in to find out. Basically my idea of what a second Generation continuation of the Ranma 1/2 sensation would be like. (Minor planning done for this one, probably won't be written for a while.)

Am I Pretty? WHAT DO YOU MEAN "NO"!?Ranma: A simple idea... What if Ranma's female form was ugly? Like, ugly to the point of there probably needing to be a new word created to describe just how ugly? (Not much planned, just a concept at this point.)

I'm Married To WHO!?! - Ranma: My take on a Ranma fic called Blitz, where Genma and Nodoka renew their wedding vows and then after a night of heavy partying and MASSIVE binge drinking, everyone decides to get married. They just end up getting married to the most unlikely people. I plan on making the matches even more unlikely than were in Blitz. That's saying a lot. (Minor planning done for this one, probably won't be written for a while.)

Link to Wedding Blitz:

Genma The Role Model - Ranma: What if Genma was a good parent? What if Ranma arrived perfectly normal at the Tendos? What if he was a kind, respectable, well rounded person? (Minor planning done for this one, probably won't be written for a while.)

Reflections - Ranma: [This is a four parter done in first person.] Ranma dies, and it effects everyone in a different way, Nabiki starts writing a journal shortly after and in this journal recounts the reactions of everyone brought on by Ranmas death and the events happening afterwards

The second part will be in the perspective of Kasumi's journal which she starts after receiving some advise from Nabiki.

After blackmailing by Nabiki, Akane starts a forced journal as therapy and the third part of this story will be in her perspective.

The fourth part of this story will be written by Soun. (More of a dramatic story than I'm used to I'm doing some very VERY careful planning for this one so as to get the strongest impact. Not even close to a first chapter.)

Under Wraps - Ranma: This is a prequel to Reflections, that details Ranmas thoughts up until his death, and the secret affair that he's been having with one of the girls from the Ranma 1/2 universe. (Minor planning done for this one, probably won't be written for a while.)

Forgotten Fountain - Ranma: While on the run from a murderous Shampoo in China, Genma and Ranma hide out in a old cave. The ground beneath them gives way unfortunately and sends them deep underground. They find a fountain there with them and after aving a drink each they go to sleep figuring they'd be safe for the night there. Upon wakening they both find that they've become younger... Ranma is 6 years old again and Genma is 17 once more. They've just found the fountain of youth!  (Mapped out, will write when I have time to. Eager to write this one.)

Fourteen Of Fourteen - Ranma/Seven Of Seven: What if Genma wasn't the only parent of Ranmas to engage him? What if Nodoka engaged Ranma too? What if this engagement preceded that of the one made to Soun Tendo? What if this girl that he's engaged to turns out to be 7 girls? What if Ranma tries to cure his Jusenkyo curse with the same method that turned Nana Suzuki into seven people? What if Genma finds out that there's now 14 Ranmas? Oh crap. (Minor planning done for this one, probably won't be written for a while.)

He Has Returned - Ranma/The Bible: It's almost Ranmas 17th birthday, nothing unusual about that, that is until Ranma gets a visit from an angel who then tells him that he is the immaculately conceived, reincarnated, son of god... So THAT'S why Genma took him away from home on that training trip...  (Probably only to be a few chapters.. but should be funny. still needs to be ironed out.)

Only In Dreams - Ranma: Ranma is having strange dreams lately, shortly after these dreams start he realizes that they're premonitions of future events that will drastically change his personality after they happen. Now Ranma has to pay careful attention to everything he does to avoid making these unpleasant changes... unfortunately every time HE avoids these events someone else is affected by them. (Minor planning done for this one, probably won't be written for a while.)

With This Knowledge - Ranma/Oh My Goddess: Nobody is home at the Tendo dojo except for Ranma one night and the fridge is empty. Ranma, not wanting to cook, decides to order out, however he accidentally calls the Goddess Help Line. When Urd asks Ranma what wish he'd like he wishes, not knowing that he's getting a real wish, wishes that he could know what to do about his messed up love life. His wish gets granted and Urd shows Ranma what his life would be like were he married to each of his possible love interests. (Definite plans for writing this one)

Fantastic Balls - Fantastic Four/Pokemon: Reed Richards, Benjamin J. Grimm, Johnny and Susan Storm, take off on a stolen rocketship prototype to study a nearby cosmic storm, another group of would be investigators of the storm, drop nukes on it percieving it as a threat and this has an unexpected result, it changes Reed and His companions, and sends them to another dimension, filled with strange yet cute creatures with surprisingly destructive powers of their own. (Plans for a first chapter, maybe more)

The Gathering - Multiple Morden Night Fanfiction X-Over(DB/AR/RIB/TSB/AM): Inspired by Animeaddiction's Great Crossover Crisis Each of the Ranmas from my fics ends up thrown together as a team by forces unknown to save the multiverse. The only way they can get back to their own dimensions is to right the reality damaging flaws in others. (Definite plans for writing this one)

No Need For Masculinity - Tenchi/Ranma: Washu discovers a valley of cursed springs while researching some of the foreign culture on Earth and takes several samples of Jusenkyo water back to her lab to study. After finishing some tests on Tenchi one day he goes to get a drink of water but accidentally takes the Nyannichuan sample instead of the filtered spring water. Now poor Tenchi's got a girl type curse of his own. How ever will he cope? (No immediate plans for this one, but I've got a soft spot for Tenchi)

A Splash Of Good Luck - Ranma: My first idea for a solely Ranma fanfic. What if Ranma and the rest of the cursed cast actually got curses that they liked? (No immediate plans)

Just A Cup Of Tea - Ranma: Instead of crying all the time Soun decides to deal with his depression by going on a long training trip, away from everything that reminds him of his dead wife, He takes the girls to Jusenkyo as one of the stops. Kasumi, what did you use in this tea? (This one just came to me, Had a sudden lightning strike of inspiration, this one will more than likely happen.)

Sunny Day - Ranma: What if it was a nice sunny day when Ranma and Genma got back from China and they arrived at the Tendos in their normal forms, how would that change the events of their arrival. Nabiki certainly seemed excited at the prospect of the arranged marriage before Ranma was revealed as half girl, what if she was the one to accept the engagement? What happens when she does find out about Ranma's curse? (Got this idea from a challenge section on another site. I like doing challenges.)

Happosai's Second Shot - Ranma: Happosai, really pisses Ranma off one day so Ranma goes into his room one day while he's away and destroys the perverted Master's entire collection. Happosai is enraged and starts thinking of the worst possible torment he can inflict upon Ranma, he comes across Ryoga one day while fuming. Ryoga is talking to himself about getting Revenge on Ranma finally using a magical incense. Happosai steals it to use for himself. When he reads what the incense does he sets his new plan in motion immediately. The next day Ranma wakes up... but something's wrong... He's shorter... and he's lying on a small pile of women's undergarments... and his voice is really raspy. Uh oh. (In Production.)

Dragon's Bond 2 - Ranma/Slayers/D&D: This is one that's in the making. I've already got the rest of Dragon's Bond mapped out, so I've been thinking about the sequel a lot and what I'm going to do for it. Just thought I'd put a teaser on here... I'm not telling what it's about though. You'll just have to wait. (Hopefully not too long.) I'll try to make it sooner than later. (Partially mapped out)

Identity - Ranma: Ranma is trying to create a new technique to defeat a particularly difficult opponent, however the technique he creates, turns out to be very taxing on a person's psyche and after pushing himself to his absolute limits, he blacks out. He wakes up, with no recolection of where he is, or even who he is. He then settles down to start a new life in a nearby district. Learning all over again about the curse, and his reflexively-ingrained martial arts abilities. What happens when he goes into neko-ken mode? What happens when he meets Nodoka? (Plans for a first chapter, probably more.)

ONE POINT TWENTY ONE JIGAWATTS! - Ranma/Back To The Future: The Furinkan Science Club has struck gold, maybe. They think they've created a time machine out of a school locker. They're afraid to test it though, so they call Ranma. Ranma goes forward in time a day but the science club isn't there. When Ranma realises what he could do with such a machine he goes back in time, hoping that he can stop his father from taking him on that stupid training journey. Careful Ranma, the past isn't meant to be tampered with. (Plans for a first chapter, maybe more.)