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Astral Minds

Ranma is a mutant. A very powerful mutant with psychic and telekinetic abilities. He and Genma go on a training trip early and Ranma learns to develope his mental powers as well as his martial arts abilities. He keeps his powers a secret from his father though. When he returns to Japan he find the place full of humans and mutants alike but the mutant half lives in fear of humanity. Ranma begins a quest to help both human's and mutants alike and with the help of Professor Charles Xavier, he forms his own team of mutant, super powered, heroes.

Astral Minds 01

Astral Minds 02

Astral Minds 03

Astral Minds 04

Astral Minds 05

Astral Minds 06

Astral Minds 07

Astral Minds 08

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