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This is the Rejects section. a place where I put all the the fics that I either started and rejected or just rejected for no real reason before even geting into it. Anybody who would like to continue these can e-mail me and ask... you'll most likely be allowed.

Ranma/X-Force/Spawn: Genma makes a deal with the devil to make Ranma the best Martial artist ever. The devil comes to collect, just as Ranma's latent mutant abilities manifest themselves. The ability to create.
This fic was mostly rejected because I've already got two Ranma is a mutant fics, but also because it was just not working out nearly as well as I initially thought it would.


Ranma/Blade: Genma is killed by vampires, being Ranma's only known relative he decides to devote his life to revenge against Toru Asahata, the vampire responsible, and sets out for Japan to find him.
This one wasn't so bad. But it was becoming too much like blade, not enough original elements. Some day I might end up re-writing some of it and making it suck a little less. However if anyone else would like to continue it, they're more than welcome.


Ranma/Jurassic Park: Akane can't decide what she wants to do with her life after high school and decides upon palientology(sp?) This of course leads her to, at some point heading to Site B from Jurasic Park The lost world.
It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was going to write three chapters... but I only got past the prologue. It's pretty open as it is, so anyone picking this one up could really go any way with it.