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Morden's Page


This section where I just be putting various music related things that I have done with friends, good for a laugh most of the time, and actually pretty catchy too.

Dose Gaiz is a Online Comic that I do with my good friend Dan Medeiros, We wrote the lyrics together for this theme and then Dan wrote the music and performed it. Very reminicent of DVDA, the South Park band. I love this song. I'm very proud of it.


This is a rap song made by me and Evan(Agasaki Ishano) It's a rap song, sung by Deckard Cain from Diablo 2 and his friend Ormus also from Diablo 2. Evan wrote it in Math class and sung the role of Deckard Cain, I made all the music in Acid Music and did the voice of Ormus. I probably could have done a better impersonation of said character given a few more takes, but Evan felt it was good enough. I kind of wish I still had the old Acid Files. A remix would Kick ass.
All music is copyright of me and my friends. We made it, it's ours.